30 Day Self Care Blueprint – Self Paced Course.

30 day self care blueprint

PLEASE NOTE: This course is being permanently retired as of March 30, 2014. If you are interested in taking this self paced version grab it now for only $30. You will have ongoing email support if you have any questions along the way.


What is the 30 day Self Care Blueprint?

An individualised action plan that is based on the pillars of Self-care, Self-knowledge and Self-love©. You will leave with a tangible, workable self-care plan aligned with your current life circumstances, your core values, and designed to enhance your self-worth and well-being!

Over 300 women have completed the Self Care Blueprint to date. 

Women who continue to share stories of personal transformation and improved wellbeing, over a year later.

This course will help you tap into your personal truth, understand your priorities and values, and formulate your own personal self-care plan.

30 day self care blueprint

What is self care and why is it so important?

Self-care covers a broad range of behaviours and activities, designed to enhance and nurture your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Self care means different things to different people. There is no set formula of what you “should” be doing in order to take care of yourself. The  only  ‘should’  about  these  activities  is  that  they  be  things  that  you engage in regularly and that they edify and lift you up!

Now you can access the same rich content in one download – with the self paced version – on demand for $49 $30

I just have to let you know that you are both like guardian angels to me!! I feel like I am “living” the life I have always wanted to live by making a major shift in the way I think about and take care of myself. I never would have believed how much this transition would affect the way I feel about my life and I am seeing tangible results every day. A million and one thank yous for who you are, what you do and what you bring to this world. - Beth Firth


:: Self-care means you get to experience a richer life; one that is crafted by  your priorities and choices.
:: Self-care means that you value yourself, your needs and your dreams.
:: Self-care makes you feel good about yourself.
:: Self-care results in being able to give more.  There is a ripple effect.

It surpassed my wildest dreams. I can’t commend you both enough for the thought, attention to detail, compassion, support and inspiration you have provided to us all so willingly and cheerfully.  I only hope you have enjoyed the experience as much as I have. It can’t have been easy to provide such constant support to people all over the world and in different timezones with all sorts of different personal situations to contend with. Your guidance was pivotal to making it all work so beautifully. Thank you!   - Jane Green


Self care is not selfish.  It is essential to living the life you are worthy of.

I needed to be in touch with my self-care needs, to embrace my self and realise so many aspects of my worthiness. I also needed to get practical, slowly and surely. The course bought me here. Along with the love, care and compassion of all involved.  I am a changed woman and I like it! Thank you from my heart  - Shirley McCoy

You will be provided with an individual link after payment. PLEASE DOWNLOAD the self paced course by clicking on the link.  It is one large folder with 3 audios, a welcome letter and the course workbook/pdf.  Don’t forget to save it to your hard drive or desktop to access.

Who is this programme for?

We hope you will join us if:

:: You have been struggling with investing time, energy and resources into your needs, your dreams or your health.
:: You have lost touch with what nurtures you or fires you up!
:: You have put yourself last for too long and want to start honoring yourself.
:: You are looking for a deeper relationship with yourself and want to gain an understanding of who you are, what you want and what you really need.
:: You are looking to let go of perfectionism, find self-compassion and give yourself permission to accept yourself as you are. This is self improvement without perfectionism!
:: You are ready to start where you are right now and make a plan for how you will move forward – one step at a time, with patience and positivity.
:: You want a tangible, workable self-care plan aligned with your values and designed to reduce unhelpful ways of thinking, improve your self-worth and enhance your well-being.


There has been a very important shift in my approach since taking part. When I feel irritable and impatient with my kids, I breathe and ask “what do I need right now?” I have broken the cycle of getting annoyed or angry.  I am checking in with myself regularly and have accepted that I can’t be the mother/wife/daughter/sister/friend I want to be unless I give myself love, attention and time too.
This is such a huge thing for me. I may not always be able to get the exercise or time alone I crave but I can still be gentle, patient and loving towards myself in the moment which makes all the difference. And I am much more aware of the boundaries I need to set, I also feel part of an amazing group of wise and extraordinary women who are all doing their best every day and starting to give themselves credit for it. I feel calm, safe and very reassured that I am doing just fine!  Jenny Martin.

This is your course and you can choose what exercises you want to do. Some exercises and readings will be exactly what you need right now and others you will save for the future.  It’s all about “finding your simple”. We have specifically designed this course to avoid information overload.  Lessons will be broken down into tasty bite-sized pieces, with exercises that we will walk you through, every step of the way!


The number one excuse given for lack of a self care routine is lack of time, so we are making sure this is roughly a 15 minute daily commitment.

What benefits can you expect?

We will cut through the excuses and stories you have been telling yourself and knock down those stumbling blocks that stand in your way.

Negative self talk, fear, time constraints/time suckers, work or family pressures, lack of resources, martyrdom, lack of support and any other personal scenario you know you are dealing with that holds you back from making yourself a high priority. We will work out a personal plan to counter and eliminate them.

You will identify your values, priorities and needs, develop greater self awareness and an improved, more compassionate relationship with yourself.  Who doesn’t want that?

You will develop the ability to create a plan for yourself and how to implement it. We will do this in such a way that will take you from the initial stages of having to consciously plan self care into your days and weeks with effort, to build over time when it will start to become an intuitive part of your life. Self care and value driven priorities will become second nature.

You will know your minimum self care requirements; identify your preferred self care “wish list” that will cover options for when you have 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1-2 hours and the biggie of ½ – 1 full day available to you. Having identified your personal roadblocks you will develop a plan of preventative action to pre-empt issues that might be on the horizon.

I have to say another HUGE thankyou for this course, it’s the BEST investment I’ve ever made. In the time since it finished I have learnt to say NO, to put myself (and in turn my family) first and now spend more time doing things for selfcare and self interest. I’m blitzing uni and loving it, I have time for my crafts and to experiment in the kitchen- both things that were sacrificed and are vital in my plan. Have taken stock of health and things as well and in general treat myself better. Thank you so much for opening my mind up to this thought process. It’s ever changing and will take work, but I’m in a much better place than a few months ago from doing this course.  -  Meggan Wesolowski


Some of the topics that will be covered:

:: Expectations women place on themselves (including perfectionism, sacrifice and self judgement)

:: Defining self care and clarifying benefits (what you gain) and the importance of prevention (what you stand to lose)

:: Defining and challenging stumbling blocks (both internal issues like negative self-talk and fears, and external and practical issues like time, energy, resources, lifestyle).

:: Self love and self-compassion

:: Identifying your inner guidance system: core values, your vision and priorities

:: Figuring out what self care ideas will work for you, what you want to try out, what you connect with

:: Planning for the reappearance of your stumbling blocks and preventing the typical response of pushing self-care down the list of priorities

:: Designing and finalizing your personal Self Care Blueprint  


I feel that I have had a consciousness shift it has helped me to become aware of when I need to practice self care. It has made me realise that I have been practicing self care to a certain extent but to solidify and formalise this is so valuable. It has made me realise that when things are tough I need to take care of myself as well even if its just a little bit every day. – Lucy Slater 


For 30 days, the Self Care Blueprint is available for just $30. It will be retired permanently at the end of March, 2014.